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1. Choose a Service 2. Set Up an Account 3. Write Your Profile4. Make Contact 5. Respond...Or Don’t 6. The Email Dialogue 7. The Phone Call 8. The Date

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Safety Stuff

I have one and only one safety tip: Don’t be stupid. Most people you will encounter online will be courteous and well-behaved, but there are freaks out there. Do not give anyone your full name, email address, or phone number if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. Sometimes your subconscious recognizes signals that your conscious mind misses, so trust your instincts. It may be that someone who makes you uneasy is harmless, but that is not a gamble you should take.

Use common sense when going out on dates. Don’t let someone you’ve never met pick you up in a car. The first date should always be at a public location. Tell your friends where you’re going. Be mindful of how much you drink (or inhale). If you choose to go home with someone or to invite them over, be aware thatyou’re putting yourself at risk, so be cautious. Or as I started off saying, don’t be stupid.