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Step 3: Write Your Profile

The Headline

Also called a tagline, the headline shows up with your small picture and screen name when people browse. Like the screen name, the headline is important for getting people to click your profile, but it’s hard to do well. If a headline makes me laugh, I will definitely click the profile, but I find that doesn’t happen very often, so if I like the picture, I’ll click as long as the headline is halfway clever.

A lot of people use famous, or somewhat famous, quotes. Obscure lyrics are definitely popular on Nerve. The cool people who see your profile will think you’re cool because you know some line from an Arcade Fire song, and they’ll be happy to show off how cool they are by referencing it in a message to you. The less cool people who don’t get the reference will just think you’re original. Lines from classic films work pretty well too. If I were going to use a quote, I would go the ironic route and quote Britney Spears.

Headlines that resist clicks:

Not all dating sites have an explicit headline. JDate, for example, just displays the first line from your answer to the first essay question in the profile. In that case, pay close attention the first line from your answer to the first essay question.